** Monday Driver Community needs your help to build the best "Global Online
for all kinds of businesses. In order to build this Global Online
Roadmap we need you to participate by sending us your pictures, comments
and a video, the next time you go to your favorite pet shop, coffee shop,
restaurant or book store etc..

* What we need from you is basic information:

* Name of business/hours, location, etc...
*Country, city, town.
* Pictures, video and what you thought of the business you visited/ would you
recommend this place to a friend or relative?
*Send your information to
mondaydriver1@yahoo.com and we will post it as
soon as possible.
* Thanks for your help and welcome to Monday Driver Communtiy.

** Monday Driver is looking for New Talent  around the world. If you have a
talent and want to share it with the world or be discovered, you have come to
the right place.
* What we are looking for is individuals or groups that have a special talent
and want to show the world. If you are a singer, musician, graffiti artist,  
magician, model, rapper, skater, comedian, surfer, DJ, actor, BMXer, or in a
(rock, punk, country, jazz, pop)  band you can post your talents by sending us
your information.

* What we need from you or your band.

* Your name or your band's name/what's your talent.
* What's your location (City, Town, Country) your contact information (email,
cell phone #, facebook, twitter, etc...) in case somebody wants to contact you
that is interested in your talent.
*Pictures and a video of yourself or your band. If you already have a video
posted via ( You Tube, Vimeo, etc...) let us know the location of your video and
we will embed it on Monday Driver.
Send your information to the comment box below. Hope to see you soon on
Monday Driver (New Talent).
Your name/Band's name:
Your email /facebook/twitter/etc...
Your  home phone number or cell
Comments/Your talent and
anything else about you or your
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