For Business Owners:
On the Contact Us Form (under the Comment Box)
you should include:

  1. Business address.
  2. Business website address (if available).
  3. Business operating days & hours of the week.
  4. Methods of payment accepted by your Business:
    Cash, Credit Card, Checks or Pay Pal.
  5. Wheelchair Accessible.
  6. Outdoor Seating.
  7. Parking.
  8. Wi-fi  and outdoor or indoor T.V.
  9. Send the video HTML code or video link.
Contact Us Form
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Welcome to Monday Driver! Below, Monday Driver
will show you how to send us your pictures and
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Send a maximum of five photos   
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Choose the photos that show the
best of the inside and outside of
your business so people have an
idea before they decide to go.

Monday Driver  will only accept original material. Any video sent that you do not own is a copyright violation and is
against the law and will be deleted. We strongly prohibit and will not post the use of any vulgar language or pornographic
Thank You!